Clinical Psychology

San Francisco Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Seth Isaiah Rubin, Ph. D.
Clinical Psychologist
& Jungian Analyst

The C.G. Jung Inst. of Zurich
Diploma granted in 1987
The C.G. Jung Inst. of SF
Certified in 1993

Clinical Psychology for Professionals in San Francisco

You deserve effective relief from the pain and suffering that you are experiencing in your life —
a real way out of stagnation and despair and toward hope and authentic fulfillment.

I will provide you with an approach that will work, an effective approach that is continuously refined on the basis of new scientific and clinical findings. You will gain the benefit of working with someone who has broad and deep scientific and clinical training.  I will bring well-honed experience to bear on the particular set of issues you present in our initial consultation.

I began practicing clinical psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, where  the first psychological clinic opened in 1896.   There I was exposed to the best thinking and  best practices of individual dynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis (Lester Luborsky and many others), cognitive behavioral therapy (Aaron Beck), behavior modification (Ovide Pomerleau and Albert Stunkard), as well couples and sex therapy at the Marriage Council of Philadelphia (Ellen Berman) among other modalities.

After earning a diploma in Analytical Psychology at the C.G. Jung Inst. of Zurich, I was reappointed in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, supervising and teaching psychiatry residents and psychology interns as well as participating in research.

In 1992 I moved my private practice as a Clinical Psychologist and Jungian Analyst to the Bay area.  The Jung Institute of San Francisco proved to be a good professional home in which to pursue my clinical, analytical, and research interests as a true Scientist-Practitioner.

With my unique and extensive background in Clinical Psychology you will be in great hands.  I will provide you with up-to-date psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, or a simple consultation that will fit your unique needs.

Ovide Pomerleau, Emeritus Professor, Psychiatry Department
In 1975, I participated in bringing Dr. Rubin into the University of Pennsylvania community. Subsequently, I served as a supervisor during his internship in Clinical Psychology, during which time he also carried out consulting faculty responsibilities in several Medical School departments. Dr. Rubin embraces the Scientist-Practitioner values of the Boulder Model of Clinical Psychology and is a seasoned and highly experienced Clinical Psychologist.