About the Practice

I practice as an analytical psychologist, meaning that in the spirit of my analytical, clinical and research training I seek to match the particular therapeutic approach with the needs of the person who seeks my help. I work with individuals and couples who are at least 18 years old.

The work ranges from classical Jungian analysis to psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy, from cognitive-behavioral approaches to behavioral ones. I provide consultation and supervision as well as analysis or psychotherapy.

Enjoy Working With

I especially enjoy working with individuals facing midlife crises and second-half of life issues, the classical Jungian work of individuation accomplished by attending to the often-neglected spiritual dimension and creating a personal myth of meaning.


“Individuation has two principal aspects: in the first place it is an internal and subjective process of integration, and in the second it is an equally indispensable process of objective relationship. Neither can exist without the other, although sometimes the one and sometimes the other predominates.” – C.G. Jung –